I haven't written intentionally like this is a bit. I mean, I've been writing - getting published and having my words on wax and print, but this practice of alchemizing and weaving that I've done here in my little slice of the internet is special. When I see lessons across all the forms of my life, something says "share it and see if it resonates. If not, it's off of your heartspace." Well, across said avatars of my life, I've died. Ego deaths and molting skins happened in every facet of Veronica.

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Because coming to collect validation versus gathering and affirming all of our selves and the paradoxical nature of belonging in a capitalist world that often pits us against our own reflections. Lately, the polarity in my thoughts and the feelings of joy when I miss out on certain gatherings and remain elusive is matched only by the joy of the synchronicities in my life at the moment from flowing moments. The embodied connections returned as I stopped worrying as much about the artificial intelligence needed to have a verified status and positionality on the internet. In being honest when presented with intentional opportunities to share my whole thoughts around myself and my work, I’ve been present to connections and interwoven threads that I didn’t see through the haze.

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Moving towards a sustainable future, both in wellness and in planetary health, asks us to develop structures of being in right relation with each other. That requires the humility needed to name where we’ve cause harm, pain and disappointment BEFORE pointing at outside structures.

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