Moving towards a sustainable future, both in wellness and in planetary health, asks us to develop structures of being in right relation with each other. That requires the humility needed to name where we’ve cause harm, pain and disappointment BEFORE pointing at outside structures.

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Void III

This might offend some of my political connects. This might leap from my chest to your neck. By neck I mean throat chakra because what I’m about to say is the latest lesson of this Eclipse season. There’s been a light and dark show in the sky, across space and time (literally) since the last essay I shared. There were three Eclipses, six retrogrades, and a virtual cascade of other events on the ground and in the air that caused everyone to have hard-drive malfunctions. System overload.

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I am trying my best to not shut down completely because I know that we can’t find someone to explore with if we do not put our whole selves out there. We all deserve a pleasurable existence that prevents harm from happening in the first place. What does it take for all of us to reach this point, you ask? I don’t know.

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