Spiritual Geography - Teaser -

I participated in the May Divisional Commencement Ceremony at the City College of New York. Why?

 The ceremonial day for my February graduation and this cap design is truly special for me as it is a shout out to the people who helped get to this point: my family. 

4th is recognition of the 3 generations of college-educated, Black women who came before me. I'm humbled to be apart of a tradition of excellence stemming from my great grandparents Booker Glover and Laura Barrow (1st) wanting more for their children in the height of Jim Crow Era-USA. 

2nd is a preemptive salute to my father (1st), a Guyanese-Kittitian immigrant, who, after 23 years of service to the US Army and a tour in Iraq, will complete his Bachelor's degree on the 8th of June. I know that Monty and grandma are bragging about us as we speak. 

Tomorrow is not only for those who didn't get to see it happen in this space and time, as well as a celebration with the loved ones who are still here. 

To paraphrase a mentor's words:

I am because they are.

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