This feeling of wanting to show up for as many folks as possible ends when paths of instant consumption of my image, my work,  my words, or my being are blocked. Those blocks have kept me hidden from myself in a way. Because in looking at this delay in my tried and true healing modality, I realize I’ve over harvested myself. 

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I’m in a year 8 cycle, which is all about growth and expansion in the direct reflection of the infinite. It’s a loop that can be wield a whole array of possibilities, all along a spectrum. It is our responsibility to discern the lessons and the challenges along this path so that we can continue to thrive in the long run. In my case, Spirit said that I need to think bigger.

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The same ways that we are encouraging femmes to learn how to say no and have compassionate boundaries when it comes to being available to others, we have to simultaneously be comfortable with saying no to any definitions that limit us. That bind us. That harm us and do not allow for us to reach a new level of understanding that normalizes failure. That allows us to have more conversations that don’t just revolve and spin aimlessly and move nowhere.

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