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Cultures of Accountability – Free School with Decolonize this Place and Free University NYC

  • university settlement 184 Eldridge Street New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)

Second offering of Embodied Intimacies – Responding to the Overlaps of Pleasure and Accountability

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Decolonize This Place and Free University-NYC invite you to collaborate on a Saturday, October 27th, event -- Cultures of Accountability -- to address sexualized violence in our communities, and to deepen how NYC movement spaces incorporate and center this struggle in the day-to-day work we do. We know that indigenous, Black, immigrant, disabled and trans communities have forms of infrastructure to confront, heal, and prevent sexualized violence in New York and elsewhere. We wish to lift up, strengthen, and multiply these efforts.

“Cultures of accountability” span and connect interpersonal and structural relations for our collective liberation. We want to build upon how we communicate, understand, and care for each other within our collective spaces and ourselves, while organizing against and inside a patriarchal (and white supremacist, capitalist, ableist, imperialist, etc.) society. We must train ourselves to see and organize against normalized violences, alongside structural and state violences, faced especially by Indigenous and Black people, immigrant communities, disabled bodies and femmes of color.

We will host a variety of workshops that explore these questions in communities:

How do you account for harm and support others in taking accountability? How do we take care of each other as a group? How do we ask for what we need from each other? What are examples of concrete accountability processes being used now or in the past?
How does patriarchal violence manifest distinctly and similarly in our overlapping environments (intimate, communal, structural)? Are you able to name moments of harm enacted by friends, loved ones, fellow organizers, co-workers in your personal life and movement spaces, as well as at your job or by landlords, cops, ICE, correctional officers? How do we deal with all of these acts of violence?
Culture emerges through the interaction between language and actions. What language and actions are needed and how do they manifest?
How do we center survivors and reject carceral frameworks of disposability at the same time? (What do we need to do this: rapid response networks that support survivors’ healing and the behavior change of those who cause harm, funds for healers, toolkits?) How do we reckon with an understanding that we both cause harm and are harmed (as individuals, groups, movements)?

Let’s come together on October 27th to transform our cultures of accountability, struggle, and action. Let us build relationships and cultivate resources.

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