Commissioned art by Micaela Anaya, “The Healer.” 12.12.2018.

Commissioned art by Micaela Anaya, “The Healer.” 12.12.2018.


For those who feel too much, may you guard your position as holy.

As tensions rise, so has the need for more healers. The waymakers, the agents of change, the ones armed with compassion.

But how many folks who step into this work have become burnt out or hurt along the way? What kind of long-term impact can we have if we don’t share the same healing methods we give to others with ourselves? How can we be a support system for others without depleting ourselves? How can we develop tools to thrive as opposed to just surviving? Who heals the healer?

Through this conversation, we intend to cultivate an ecosystem rooted in community care for wellness, social justice and healing practitioners who can hold space for one another as they continue to hold space for community. The curated techniques and solutions from this series will be shared out. 


The Healer's Mixtape –  an open mic fundraiser that is a prelude of poetic prose and field notes before the conference.

MINI SERIES - concluded!

Friday, January 4th, 2019
Friday, February 8th, 2019
Friday, March 8th, 2019

Please use the flyer above and the Who Heals the Healer website to connect during the full series programming.

CONFERENCE - On the horizon!

When: Sunday, May 19, 2019
Where: MINKA Brooklyn


This space is open to anyone who considers themselves to be a healer, but will center the experiences of BIPOC, GNC and QTPOC folks. If you are a co-conspirator/ally, please be mindful of this. 
Multiple expressions of healers are welcome, including and not excluding; birthworkers, parents, youth workers, curators, teachers, nurses, doctors, diviners, social workers, artists, witches, energy workers, empaths, organizers, creatives, movement workers, yogis, musicians, djs, reiki practitioners, herbalists, farmers, the strong friend; and any role that calls upon someone to constantly hold space for others.


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