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Through my latest venture, I'm now available to work with your business, organization, group or community to support you work and grow together! This can be in a variety of forms, the main ones I've captured below.  Be sure to use the form on this page to book me, ask questions and advice, or workshop your next project and then we can discuss rates! Sliding scale options are available depending on the request and turn around time.


Workshops and Presentations

I have a variety of workshops available to share! Current offerings include: 

  1. Who Heals the Healer - community freestyle

  2. Alchemist's Cypher - healing through writing

  3. Ancestors in Training - a healing cypher

  4. Heel to Heal - moving towards community care

  5. Demystifying Healing Justice

Word smithing

As a writer, I'm also taking clients who need help editing their work, which can be anything from:

  1. Proofreading papers, essays, statements, etc

  2. Drafting and reviewing grant proposals

  3. Providing geuninely constructive feedback

  4. Creating resumes



Event Consulting 

Last but certaintly not least, I aim to share information and coordination with you to plan your next event. My specialities are: 

  1. Healing circles and smaller gatherings

  2. Conferences - all scales and all types

  3. Connecting groups with event spaces

  4. Media and branding - social media guidance, flyer and design

Active Collaborations include Diaspora Radicalx, the Bridges Between the Brave Project, the Caribbean Cultural Center, the Earth Arts Center, and Mayday Space. 

Upcoming conferences and workshops can be found here

I've additionally held space at; the Black Lives Matter Teen Conference with the Schomburg Center, Sisterhood Summit with the Black Girl Project, Diaspora Radicalx Conference, HOME: Return, Reclaim, Reframe at the Caribbean Cultural Center, Radical Futures  and Confront, Heal, Prevent Free School Conferences with Free University, Female Flava with The Point CDC's Women's Group, Our Liberation Summit at Sarah Lawrence College,  Decolonize Birth Conference with Ancient Song Doula Services, Women’s Leadership Summit at The City College of New York, Healing Collectives Community Conversation with BUFU; and more.

Let's Grow!

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